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Activists and journalists committed to addressing pressing issues of Burma and its indigenous heritage formed the Kaowao Newsgroup in November 2001.  From an internet café in Bangkok, Kaowao initially had a reader base of 200 people and reported news and events regarding Mon armed conflict, ceasefire agreements with the junta and the plight of migrant workers in Maharchai. 

Utilizing staff changes and the availability of the Internet to grow and develop, Kaowao began publishing reports, discussions on human rights, culture and community development.  It has since evolved to become an online forum for political, social, economic, and cultural freedom.  Kaowao releases different publications in Mon, Burmese, Thai and English with regular updates, e-news and the website


Kaowao’s electronic news has now released 146 regular issues to over 1,500 subscribers and various news groups, in addition to releasing breaking news and frequent articles as events unfold, plus opinion pieces and a ‘reader’s front’.  Our reporters access information from areas inside Burma and Mon stronghold areas, refugee camps, migrant communities, democratic forces and organizations in Thailand and overseas.
Kaowao’s FM Radio station (Radio Rehmonya) and its network provides an alternative voice and media outlet for local people.  Many people in the Mon-speaking population have been marginalized in mainstream broadcasting radio services in Burma, with a significant lack of access to information about what is happening in their own state, country and the world.

Kaowao Team

  Siha Ong Editor in Chief
  Nai Thein Aung Managing Editor
  Nai Layeh Rot Duty Editor
  Saing Nondel Assistant Duty Editor
  Lita Davidson Assistant Editor
  Carson Christiano Volunteer Editor


Ms. Porm Nyan Office Manager
  Chittun Saimon  
  Parmah Chan  
Rehmonya Radio    
  Nai Banya Eain Radio Program Editor
  Ms. Ah Ploy Broadcasting Programmer
  Nai Mon Chai Sound Engineer
  Nai Ahtoo Station Manager
Rehmonya Video    
  Min Htet Aung Video Editor
  Lwi Mon Cameraman
  Nai Taing Taw Senior Reporter
  Nai Banya Hongsar Senior Reporter
  Kun Yekha Senior Reporter
  Nyi Sar Senior Reporter
  Mehm Janu Chan Reporter
  Mehm Banya Reporter
  Ong Marn Reporter
  Kao Marn Reporter
  Nai Ah Chan Reporter
  Apar Hong Mon Reporter (Malaysia)
  Nya Seik Reporter (Thailand)
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