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Kaowao Team



Siha Ong

Nai Thein Aung

Nai Layeh Rot

Asohn Vi

Emily Dalton
Lita Davidson
Carson Christiano


Editor in Chief

Managing Editor


Duty Editor

Assistant Editor & Project Coordinator
Assistant Editor
Volunteer Editor



Nai Taing Taw

Banya Hongsar
Kun Yekha
Blai Dut 
Kao Marn
Parmah Chan
Nya Seik



Senior Reporter

Senior Reporter
Senior Reporter


Rehmonya Radio    
Nai Banya Eain Radio Manager, Progremmer
Mon Chai Sound Editor, Programmer, Assistant Office Manager
Hong Janu Sound Engineer
Mi Ah Ploa Radio Intern
Nai Ong Thein Station Manager
Soe Aye Broadcasting Programmer

Moore Moore Ah


Office Manager



Chittun Saimon

Taio Tyson

Ong Sukha

Nai Blai Dit




Computer Technician, Webmaster

Website Intern, Trainee webmaster

Website Intern


KAOWAO NEWSGROUP - "Working together for change and lasting peace"

Kaowao Newsgroup is an independent and non-profit organization registered and incorporated as Kaowao Research and Development Centre under the Society Act in Alberta, Canada.  The Kaowao website and radio offices are located in Sanghklaburi, in Thailand on the Thai-Burma border.  Kaowao regularly liaises with other indigenous organizations, media and interest groups including the Mon Affairs Union (MAU), Mon Culture and Literature Association (MCLA), Burma News International (BNI) and many Mon communities in exile.

Activists and journalists committed to addressing pressing issues of Burma and its indigenous heritage formed the Kaowao Newsgroup in November 2001.  From an internet café in Bangkok, Kaowao initially had a reader base of 200 people and reported news and events regarding Mon armed conflict, ceasefire agreements with the junta and the plight of migrant workers in Maharchai. 

Utilizing staff changes and the availability of the Internet to grow and develop, Kaowao began publishing reports, discussions on human rights, culture and community development.  Kaowao has since evolved to become an online forum for political, social, economic, and cultural freedom.  Kaowao releases different publications in Mon, Burmese, Thai and English with regular updates, e-news and the website 

Kaowao’s electronic news has now released 140 regular issues to over 1,500 subscribers and various news groups, in addition to releasing breaking news and frequent articles as events unfold, plus opinion pieces and a ‘reader’s front’.  Our reporters access information from areas inside Burma and Mon stronghold areas, refugee camps, migrant communities, democratic forces and organizations in Thailand and overseas.

Kaowao’s FM Radio station (Radio Rehmonya) and its network provides an alternative voice and media outlet for local people.  Many people in the Mon-speaking population have been marginalized in mainstream broadcasting radio services in Burma, with a significant lack of access to information about what is happening in their own state, country and the world.

The media inside Burma is heavily controlled by the ruling military junta, with most people only able to access state-run news services.  This is especially true for the seven ethnic minorities who go largely unrecognized inside Burma.  Kaowao produces its own news, news reports, current affairs and features online for people inside Burma and living in exile, as well as the greater community with an interest in Burma and Monland.  We operate independently from any religious or political influences and motivations maintaining our prime aim to bring Freedom of Expression to Burma.

Kaowao’s team of activists and journalists are drawn from the Mon Community in Burma, Thailand and overseas, as well as non-Mon individuals with a keen interest in Burma and the Mon people.  All staff work on a voluntary basis, either for the radio team, the website team or both together under the umbrella of ‘Kaowao Newsgroup’. 


Kaowao’s staff and operations rely solely on donations from the community and some project sponsorship from donor organizations.  Listed below are the most useful ways you can contribute to Kaowao Newsgroup.  If you have any queries please contact the following staff members:

In Mon & Burmese:            Asohn Vi          
In English:                        Emily Dalton      
In Thai:                           Nai Layeh Rot    


If you wish to donate money directly to Kaowao Newsgroup please contact one of the staff members listed above.  We now have a Thai bank account and can issue these details once we verify your donation is genuine.  We are currently working on enabling all donations to Kaowao from anywhere in the world to be tax deductible, please contact us for details.

Kaowao is also often in need of equipment, from English text books to computer equipment.  If you believe you have useful goods to donate to Kaowao please contact one of our staff members listed above.


If you are an organization or individual committed to the same principles as Kaowao, please feel free to use this website as a tool to disseminate your views, articles, and issues pertaining to social justice and political, social and cultural freedom in Burma. 

Please submit your material to the contacts above, and include your full name and a return email address (we will not publish your name if you ask to remain anonymous).

We are open to all but please ensure to source your material either through email contacts or website.  By submitting your work you agree not to use Kaowao to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise offend others.  Any material which is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, indecent, offensive or inappropriate will not be published.  Kaowao reserves the right to edit your material as appropriate.


Kaowao Newsgroup is always keen to hear from individuals interested in volunteering their services with us either remotely or by living with us in Sanghklaburi.  Once again please contact our staff listed above for more details on this. 


If you wish to receive our twice-monthly e-newsletter, or if you are already subscribed and wish to stop receiving this newsletter, please send a message from the address you want to add or remove to:


All material published on the Kaowao website or broadcast on Kaowao radio (including is provided in good faith. For reasons of security our sources are often anonymous, however all information is derived from sources believed to be accurate and current as at the date of publication.

Kaowao provides general information only. It is not intended as advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should make your own inquiries and take independent advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Thank-you for viewing our site.


For general enquiries please contact

For all Mon & Burmese enquiries please contact Asohn Vi on

For all English enquiries please contact Emily Dalton on

For all Thai enquiries please contact Nai Layeh Rot on

Alternatively our postal address is:

                                              P.O. Box 2
                                              Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi
                                              Thailand , 71240 



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