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Rev. Luongpaw Uttama

Rev. Ajar Uttama

Most Mon revered monk passed away
(Kaowao: October 18, 2006)

One of the most revered Mon monks who founded the border village passed away this morning.

Rev. Luongpaw Uttama, known as Kyaikhnok Waengka, was born in Mawkanin, Ye Township of Mon State and fled to Thai Burma border when the Mon people took up arms against the central government during post independence civil war in Burma.

With his followers, he then built the old Waengka village and Mon Temple , which is under water of Khaolam Dam at present.

“A friend of mine who saw this news from the Thai TV called me about this tragic news.  It is a great loss for not only Waengka community but also for all Mon.  Without his influence and protection, thousands of refugees would not have treated fairly,” said Nai Saryarn from Bangkok.

Even though Ajar Uttama was focusing his interest for religion such as building temples and monasteries, he also involved in education and health.  He helped the community in building schools, roads and clinics in the area.  The wooden bridge at Waengka was built under his supervision

He was widely respected by the Thai including government officials, military and the royal family.  The Mon revered monk also joined in the Mon national affairs during crisis.  His strong influence played as a mediator between the opposite Mon factions in the past.

His followers are planning to bring his body to Waengka Wiwekaram Buddhist Temple , Sangkhlaburi for cremation ceremony.  He is 97.


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