Political Party Unification Moves Forward With Opening of New Office


Mon Prepared to Protest to Protect Their Kingdom’s History

Saturday, December 2, 2012

Three Mon political parties have threatened to lead to a nationwide protest if Burmese scholars continue to repeat their controversial claim that Suvarnabhumi (Thuwunnabumi) belongs to the Pyu Kingdom and not the Mon Kingdom.

Mon students and Monks gathered in Moulmein prepared for pretest on Thursday. (Photo:Kaowao)

Leaders from the three political parties – New Mon State Party (NMSP), Mon Democracy Party (MDP) and All Mon Regions Democracy Party– held a conference Thursday in Moulmein and party leaders told Mon people that they will closely monitor the reading of 32 history papers to be held on Friday in Rangoon by Burmese scholars.

They will most closely follow the opinion of Chit San Win, a well-known Burmese writer who claims Suvarnabhumi belongs to the Pyu Kingdom. If his paper reiterates his opinion, Mon people are prepared to stage a nationwide protest.

“Many students and monks were prepared to protest yesterday, but we told them to wait. Lower House Speaker Shwe Mann told us that he will tell event organizers not to discuss the Suvarnabhumi issue and the supposed evidence that it belongs to the Pyu Kingdom,” said Nai Tin Aung, who is the chairman of MDP.

Hundreds of Mon students and Mon Buddhist monks disappointed with Chit San Win gathered in the center of Moulmein yesterday to prepare for the possible protest in opposition of the academic event in Rangoon.

Nai Tin Aung added that, “If Shwe Mann doesn’t stop his presentation about the Suvarnabhumi issue, we will hold a nationwide protest.”

Chit San Win and other Burmese scholars are hosted a reading of32 history papers in an event called“Monograph Reading Ceremony of Pyu Tribe and Pyu Kingdom.” This event is to take place in Rangoon on Friday, according to Dr. Kyi Win, a senior leader from Mon Democracy Party (MDP) and head of the Mon group that will monitor the event.

The key issue is whether Chit San Win will stand by his thesis that Suvarnabhumi belongs to the Pyu Kingdom or if he will back down so as to avoid the potential repercussions of his contentious claim.

Mon leaders say Chit San Win does not have enough evidence to claim Suvarnabhumi belongs to the Pyu Kingdom, but that that they do and wish to present their evidence to Burmese President Thein Sein.

“It is not good to begin a new conflict in Mon State when there is already conflict in Kachin. Do not think this is a small issue; this is a national issue,” said Dr.Kyi Win. “The Suvarnabhumi Kingdom is our heritage and we will protect it.”

Nai Tin Aung also said that Mon people have written the history of Suvarnabhumi with their own blood. It is up to the new Mon generation to protect it.

Suvarnabhumi is an ancient city-state located in Thaton Township, Mon State and is believed to be a seat ofthe Mon Kingdom.

According to Mon leaders, the Burmese government seeks to erase Mon history byfabricating history through their claim that Suvarnabhumi belongs to the Pyu Kingdom. Furthermore, the Burmese government has tried for many decades to destroy ethnic Mon history so as to weaken Mon nationalism in order to promote a Burmese empire.


Feedback From
Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Name of sender: Kun Wagaru
Email of sender: channai@hotmail.com
COMMENTS: If the government of Union of Myanmar wishes for truth and factual history of Mon and Burma's land from the past 3000 year until to date, an Independent Research Council must be formed by scholars. UNESCO must has full authority for all examination of the fact and the site. History books written in late 1960s shall be re-examined by scholars. History books written in Mon shall be translated in Burmese and English. Mon Stone script in all over Burma's land shall be protected by Research Council or UNESCO. University must has independent authority for all research filed. A Mon University shall be established under the law. Peace and unity will never be achieved unless equally rights is attained. A nation will never be prosper unless a genuine respect among us is boned. The past wound will never be healed unless a full granted self-determination is granted to other Non-Burmese race. It is time for truth and reconciliation by wisdom, not by brutal force or distortion of the history. Thank You Kaowao!
Feedback From
Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:10 AM
Name of sender: Nai Loka Chanmi
Email of sender: lokachanmi@hotmail.com
COMMENTS : I have to say, this is a big big joke to say what Chit San Win have said. We must stand up. Go MON

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